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Avatar Kajoore - Land of Bloodshed

Af:Terraria 3 timer siden i Terraria      

Kajoore is a hybrid pvp / roleplay server, which was designed to feature the best aspects of both server types and blend them seamlessly together. Players will create a character by selecting one of m Mere

Avatar Madz Lost Squadron Terraria Server

Af:Terraria 7 dage siden i Terraria      

Under the Dome, Lost in the Maze, Upgrading often, Replacing the non claimed regions outside of the dome every few weeks with new content. Under the Dome is spawn protected. Good Luck! Mere

Avatar WallMartGaming2

Af:Terraria 8 dage siden i Terraria      

join our steam group WallMartGaming2and register on our serverif you wanna playhave a good day mr. Mere

Avatar goodness

Af:Terraria 9 dage siden i Terraria      

i luv u too Mere

Avatar Axelolli Server [EU] || You can Do Anything

Af:Terraria 9 dage siden i Terraria      

20 Slot Player ( For Now )Griefing is LegalHouse And Protection System for 3 GoldServerside CharacterNpc : Coming Soon... Mere

Avatar Seattle [128 slots] [24/7]

Af:Terraria 10 dage siden i Terraria      

BlankServers is a server community where the admins take a hands-off approach. We are anti-SJW, and very friendly. Another aspect is suggestions; we actually care what you have to say. Just say it on Mere

Avatar The Terraria Planet

Af:Terraria 11 dage siden i Terraria      

Welcome to the terraria planet! in this server we are PvP PvE and Freebuild. If you want to claim one of your builds you can set it as a home. Any suggestions? Tell WolfieHDX! Mere

Avatar A2Gaming

Af:Terraria 14 dage siden i Terraria      

With infinite items and blocks, and a few commands that have been made available to you, have fun, invite your friends, and build your house in an open area. Mere

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