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Avatar TerrariaDog

Af:Terraria 6 timer siden i Terraria      

plz dont look in discridion usyagfuyg uyagfuyg uysgdfou ouyasijdoujas iyugef aeudyg uysdgfy fih uf iuefug wih uwgfugrew uy 8yegr uwe g gwg weweuuey uweg uye ufesg u wue u u vewu wefuwegu u iygad Mere

Avatar YEAH

Af:Terraria 18 timer siden i Terraria      

This is a really good server. Mere

Avatar TerraTerraria

Af:Terraria 1 dag 14 timer siden i Terraria      

A awesome server to search for chests and build houses!!!!!This server is meant for people who strive for adventure and try to find new stories to finish, this server is made for those with the soul o Mere

Avatar Tshock Terraria Server

Af:Terraria 2 dage siden i Terraria      

This is a HARDMODE server. I ask that you use a character that is either new or just got hardmode items because I don't want you to outshine everyone on this server. Do /rules when you join. Mere

Avatar Happy Fun Land 2.0

Af:Terraria 5 dage siden i Terraria      

Tshock enabled. If you cant login, start new char and retry. you might be triggering banned item block. Mere

Avatar Prueba #76

Af:Terraria 5 dage siden i Terraria      

¬°Funciona de una vez perro! Mere

Avatar TestyServer

Af:Terraria 5 dage siden i Terraria      

This is a test. Enjoy while we set things up! Mere

Avatar ServedChilled

Af:Terraria 7 dage siden i Terraria      

Come and explore and build and battle! Have fun in this easy going server. All we ask is there be no griefing... We're happy to help users of all levels. Mere

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