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Avatar Torch-Wood Terraria server

Af:Terraria 2 dage siden i Terraria      

Building - Pvping Mere

Avatar Forsaken-Gaming-PvP

Af:Terraria 2 dage siden i Terraria      


Avatar DickyBuild

Af:Terraria 2 dage siden i Terraria      

DickyBuild is a new Terraria server with high hopes of making it big. We want to create the most fun environment possible for those looking to play, build, and fight in Terraria. DickyBuild has seve Mere

Avatar Adventureland: Where The Fun Begins

Af:Terraria 3 dage siden i Terraria      


Avatar HexTerraria (ETO 2.0)

Af:Terraria 3 dage siden i Terraria      

(Still in Dev) A remake of EtoTerraria, this server is running a new custom mod. User accounts, Levelling system, Server-side currency. Mere

Avatar Terraterrors

Af:Terraria 7 dage siden i Terraria      

Hey guys and girls i made this awesome server for you you can use the normal terraria (for steam) or Gameiki Both works Gameiki means you can get ranked up like Default which is the normal terraria ra Mere


Af:Terraria 7 dage siden i Terraria      

Home of the GHOST-Clan terraria server, we are a gaming community mostly for cod mw3 but we have expanded to minecraft terraria and bo2 , be sure to send us an email! Mere

Avatar Geldar RPG

Af:Terraria 8 dage siden i Terraria      

Some features:-Leveling system-Classes-Arenas-Four adventure zones-Forcing new characters(SSC)-Serverside currency-House and chest protection-Hacker prevention-Our world regenerates regurarly Mere

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