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Avatar ParadoxCraft Terraria

Af:Terraria 1 dag 7 timer siden i Terraria      

Suddenly, Paradoxcraft!Paradoxcraft is a freebuild server built based off of TerraNova's systems and ranking. The server is founded by yours truly, TobyJames and is running nicely with nice ranks, bu Mere

Avatar Mondiale fdp

Af:Terraria 3 dage siden i Terraria      

privateplz Mere

Avatar BareBone

Af:Terraria 4 dage siden i Terraria      

Simple, empty server! Mere

Avatar Sandbox Medium [Server owned by TaliMark] [Non-RP] [Friendly Staff] [Any Character Allowed]

Af:Terraria 6 dage siden i Terraria      

Sandbox Medium is a Terraria Serverowned by TaliMark, this server allows any kind of person, INCULDING bronies. No RP is allowed, my friend doesn't like Roleplay. The admins can be very strict, becaus Mere

Avatar ZTerraV4

Af:Terraria 8 dage siden i Terraria      

The Long Awaited Arrival Of ZTerraV4 Has Finnaly Come To Its Conclusion.It Will Be A Nostalgic Expieriance For New And Old ZTerra Members. Make Friends, Have Fun, And Most Of All Dont Forget Your Ti Mere

Avatar GoodWill

Af:Terraria 13 dage siden i Terraria      

Just Have Fun. Mere

Avatar ShadowRealms

Af:Terraria 14 dage siden i Terraria      

ShadowRealms is a semi-dedicated server, meaning it is not host and play but it will not be on 24/7.Perks Include:The ability to spawn in any and every item in the game!Time based ranks with the a Mere

Avatar Star-Maining Terraria

Af:Terraria 14 dage siden i Terraria      

new server Mere

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