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Avatar [1.7.10] Eternity PvP Factions

Af:Minecraft 12 timer siden i Minecraft      

The server works for the USA and is recruiting for staff. We have a awesome staff, great PvP and much more! Join and say you joined from this website and well pay you 5000 Mere

Avatar [1.8] Arctic Network

Af:Minecraft 12 timer siden i Minecraft      

Great Server. Awesome Prison. Everything You Have Ever Wanted In A Prison Server! We Have Some Of The Coolest And Sweetest New Plugins That Guarantee A Perfect And Fun Experience!Owners: Bry5318 Halo Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] OP Factions NEEDS STAFF

Af:Minecraft 18 timer siden i Minecraft      

Welcome to Crazy PVP!Server information:Ip - - xktmconorxSlots - 30 can upgrade at anytimeUp Time - 247Type - Factions PVP griefing allowedWhitelist - No whitelist just join and Mere

Avatar [1.8] GodMc

Af:Minecraft 1 dag 10 minutter siden i Minecraft      

We are currently looking for staff. We accept funny, respectful, good members.The First 3 to donate will get free staff, but it has to be 10 or more.It is a server like no other the staff will respect Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] Jazzygamer skyblock

Af:Minecraft 1 dag 6 timer siden i Minecraft      

Jazzygamer skyblock a skyblock server with a shop and money you can team up with your friends fight other people soon there will be lots of other fun stuff Mere

Avatar [1.8] Monarch-BIO

Af:Minecraft 1 dag 6 timer siden i Minecraft      

Monarch-BIO provides you with good luxury!We have - Factions, Survival, Loot, PvP, Creative, Adventure -We will soon be adding SkyBlock as it is verry popular! Mere

Avatar [1.7.9] Yuicraft

Af:Minecraft 1 dag 12 timer siden i Minecraft      

we are a server to make players experance fun! we have good staff and we will try to get donations to get better hosting! come play now! :D : have fun!!!!! Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] AmethystPrison

Af:Minecraft 1 dag 12 timer siden i Minecraft      

This prison server has been changing alot, and is even still under maintaince but people can play it anyway, the current spawns and mines are being rebuild somewhere else and will take quite a long ti Mere

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