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Avatar [1.8] IceAgeCraft

Af:Minecraft 3 timer siden i Minecraft      

Come mine for dayz on a OP-PRISON server! We are looking for some new players that want the challenge to make it out of the prison! See you server side! Ranks A-Z Z-Free Free-AppleFounder Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] Medieval OP Factions

Af:Minecraft 3 timer siden i Minecraft      

ITs a Op factions with many features. You will be in casted into a world where you will survive. Op factions has a beautiful Shop with many options, Mob spawners u can buy and many more. Come and join Mere

Avatar [CraftBukkit 1.7.9] EnderWorlds

Af:Minecraft 9 timer siden i Minecraft      

Join This server now! Were looking for staff such as moderators, builders, developers etc! Come join and have some fun! We need your help for this server to be successful! Make sure to apply! Its ve Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] Icemind

Af:Minecraft 9 timer siden i Minecraft      

Icemind is a faction and survival based server that gives you a possibility to experience Minecraft on a new level! We offer nice PvP, cool buildings and much more! Check out now! Have Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] DinjiCraft

Af:Minecraft 15 timer siden i Minecraft      

Its a 24/7 faction serve with mob arena and new coming mini games. You need to use the port for the server to work. We have very friendly staff and players. PvP and raiding is allowed just no grifing Mere

Avatar [CraftBukkit 1.7.9] Titan Empire - No Grief - Survival *Looking for staff/builders*

Af:Minecraft 15 timer siden i Minecraft      

Titan Empire is a new survival server! We are still in development and are looking for staff and builders to join our team! Our website is make sure you check it out! Als Mere

Avatar [CraftBukkit 1.7.9] TheBaccas!

Af:Minecraft 15 timer siden i Minecraft      

We Need Staff! its a 24/7 server pvp server! aslo this is a nice we server just join then u will find out good the server is just spend a few mins just try it out! Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] Flocks Of Blocks

Af:Minecraft 21 timer siden i Minecraft      

Casual factions server! All are welcome to have fun! :D Flocks Of Blocks is a fresh new server for anyone and everyone! Questions Make sure to message PJonathan in game. Mere

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