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Avatar [1.7.10] Epickpvp

Af:Minecraft 5 timer siden i Minecraft      

EpickPvp is a newly founded factions server still in dev. Ranks have already been set up and so have factions[duh]. We would love to have you in our community and almost always have staff on please jo Mere

Avatar [1.7.5] -==StoneCraft==- Romania : Cautam Staff/Membrii

Af:Minecraft 5 timer siden i Minecraft      

Va Asteptam ! Cautam Staff Si Membrii ! Serverul Ideal Al Supravietuitoriilor!!! Niste Pluginuri: Essentials,GroupManager,WoodCutter,WorldEdit,Head,ChestShop,Citizen,ClearLag,Vault,iConomy,PrectiousS Mere

Avatar [CraftBukkit 1.7.10] UnstoppableMC

Af:Minecraft 5 timer siden i Minecraft      

a new server hasnt been up long server i p changes sometimes so check this website and i will update it hasnt got much on it but as time goes on i will improve the server and add more things to it Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] Minecraft PvP Survival

Af:Minecraft 11 timer siden i Minecraft      

In this server that is opened 24/24hour you can play in survival mode and you can kill the enemy! The server restart every 48H at 24:00 (gmt+1) No advertising and premium! Mere

Avatar [1.7.5] RGGC Minecarft

Af:Minecraft 11 timer siden i Minecraft      

Willkommen bei der Rust Germany Gaming Community,wir sind ein Freundlicher haufen, und versuchen immer alles auf dem Laufenden zu halten und immer viel zu bieten. Wir haben derzeit die MC-Version Mere

Avatar [CraftBukkit 1.7.10] Telcore Tradewinds The Immersive Steampunk Role Play Server

Af:Minecraft 17 timer siden i Minecraft      

We are currently in a grace period allowing new joiners to view the server and explore. Please visit our website and our forms to fill our an application and create your character! From there, you wil Mere

Avatar [1.7.9] Cryptic-Games

Af:Minecraft 23 timer siden i Minecraft      

Cryptic-Games is a relaunch of Impulse-Prison!Cryptic-Prison is a prison server with multiple ranks, the normal A-Free followed by unique ranks afterwards. Giving you hours of fun to spend on our Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] Mysticraft

Af:Minecraft 23 timer siden i Minecraft      

Welcome To Mysticraft! We Are A 24/7 Factions Server Looking For A Few Staff. Join To Find Out How To Apply For Staff. We Believe That Everybody Should Get The Same Playing Experience As Any Others. F Mere

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