Avatar [BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x] UniqNetwork

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Welcome to UniqNetwork! This server is a network of many game modes, such as Towny, Factions, Creative, and Prison. Please, feel free to join our amazing community!STAFF NEEDED Mere

Avatar [1.12] O World

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Here at O World everyone is family, we love having events time from time, and hosting gift card giveaways, we are a PVE survival server with no Griefing or PVP allowed. We our running on a dedicated m Mere

Avatar [1.12] Jarrosha World VERSION: 1.12

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Jarrosha World is a skyblock and sky survival server. Sky Survival is very unique and you will have to see it with your own eyes to understand. We also are in the progress of adding bedwars. Mere

Avatar [1.11.2] Minicraft

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Vote for a wide range of items to get for vote crates also you will be helping us promote the server as well as getting cool stuff in the prosses.and now Thx for voting Mere

Avatar [1.12] PVP EKFIK

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Simple, Pure, PvP.- SIMPLE GAME-PLAY No annoying the player- TOP QUALITY This server is running on the best hardware out there.-24/7 PERSONAL SUPPORT! From Site FacebookThis server is ali Mere

Avatar [1.7.10] RocketRealms

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NEW FACTIONS SERVER ROCKET REALMSNewly released, 3/7/20173.5GB RAM, SSD StorageFeatures» /Trade «» /Ah «» /Duel «» /Wild «» IGs Dont Drop Poppies «» McMMO «» /F Top « Mere

Avatar [1.11.2] FrosticFactions

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Brand new server FrosticFactions Greatly setup, need players, More players, More staff spots open!!! Massive Drop party at 7:00pm NZST 35 minutes from me writing this, so probably like 20 minutes!!!! Mere

Avatar [1.12] Mineblox Looking for staff

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Factions is about domination, and becoming the top dog. Join play.minebloxmc.net and declare wars, form alliances and fight over land while making chatting and making friends in the process!Featur Mere

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